The Process

Every Film or Video Starts With a Script

The story we shall craft honoring your loved one was scripted when you wrote the eulogy. Whether you created the eulogy with a computer or on paper with pencil, the process of commissioning a video eulogy is easy. Filmmakers often pre-visualize productions with a storyboard, a comic strip style series of sketches. You will direct this production similarly by providing me with a "storybook". All you'll need is a standard three ring binder and a few packages of transparent page protectors such as the 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch We R Memory Keepers Ring Page Protectors you can purchase from your local office supplies store or on Amazon.

Building Your Storybook

Write or print out each sentence of the eulogy on a separate sheet of numbered 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch paper. Place each numbered sheet in order into a transparent page protector in the loose leaf binder. Now select 1, 2 or 3 photographs to go along with each sentence of the eulogy and place them in the sleeve protectors of that page. If you have films, videos or digital media files to synchronize with a passage, simply write a descriptive note for me on that page referencing the materials you will be providing.

Record the Voice-Over Narration

Once all the visuals to go along with your eulogy have been selected and compiled into the "storybook" you'll be ready to record the voice-over narration. If you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area of California, I can help you with the audio recording. I'm not fussy about format or media, yes you can use your video camera, but no - please do not use a cell phone. Try to find a quiet room and use a good microphone. I think family and friends will expect to hear your familiar voice reading the eulogy, but if you prefer, for a small fee, I can narrate or we can hire my sister Jennifer to perform the reading. Pack your storybook and media files including the narration very securely and send them to me via FedEx or USPS Priority or Express Mail, please don't use UPS. If you are local to San Francisco I can pick up and deliver.

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Why I Do This

The eulogy my sisters and I wrote for our mother Elaine Goren is a tribute to her life well lived, tracing a narrative arc across the history of our family. My father Seymour Goren was an accomplished amateur photographer who left us scores of videos, thousands of print and slide images plus many cans of 8mm motion picture memories. As I watched and listened to my sister Jennifer deliver the eulogy at Mom's funeral service, I had the epiphany that Stacey, Jennifer and I had unwittingly written a very visual script. Soon afterwards I accepted that it was my duty as the family video maven to complete my father's "life work" of documenting and celebrating his love of our mother. Our family and friends, deeply moved by "Remembering Elaine Goren" encouraged me to offer my video expertise to other families.